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5 Most Recent General Europe News Items:
  1. Problems facing the OSCE  (16 October 2005)
  2. Gazproms new european route: cry ukraine  (12 September 2005)
  3. Turkey: Optimism On EU Membership Talks, Though Hurdles Remain  (02 September 2005)
  4. Birthday Party Honors Solidarity  (30 August 2005)
  5. Letter From Estonia: Changed By Joining EU, And Changing It, As Well  (17 August 2005)
5 Most Recent General Europe Reference Documents:
  1. Solidarity Remembered  (31 August 2005)
  2. History Lessons, Passed and Failed  (25 August 2005)
  3. EU: A Help or a Hindrance?  (08 August 2005)
  4. The European Constitution: the Rubicon Crossed?  (28 March 2005)
  5. Transparency International: Global Corruption Report 2005  (21 March 2005)
5 Most Recent General Europe Media Gallery Items:
  1. Untitled  [ image-General Europe ]
  2. Untitled  [ image-General Europe ]
  3. Untitled  [ image-General Europe ]
  4. Untitled  [ image-General Europe ]
  5. Conference "A New Quest for Democracy"  [ image-General Europe ]
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 General Europe

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General Europe
For the first time, Heads of State of 26 NATO Allies convene at the Istanbul NATO Summit. June 28-29, 2004.

Greater Middle East
Freedom is the future of the Middle East, President George W. Bush said in a speech Tuesday, June 29 at Galatasaray University in Turkey.